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  • Swine farms serviced by a leading veterinary company in Australia, trials conducted by Zoono Animal Health

  • Target areas - farrowing crates - nurseries – drinker and feeder bowls.

  • Observations – lower pathogen levels for sustained periods – better general animal health. 

  • Objective – understanding common ailments and identifying areas for biosecurity improvement, educating farmers of the benefits of Zoono products.


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The measurements were realized with ATP testing technology.  The measurement units are in RLU that is not a standardized unit of measurement. It depend of the monitoring systems, sensitivities, reagent formulations and light detection systems. 

RLU scales are different for each system. The most relevant aspect of the measurement is not the absolute value but the relative comparison, between sheds and on time. 


RLU scales are different for each system. Each manufacturer sets their own value for 1 light unit and all measurements are made relative to that value. The scale defined by the manufacturer of the used equipment is:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 1.37.31 pm.png


Average value: For each shed and for each measurement moment,  was obtained an average RLU value calculated as the average value of the two mid points from the six measured. The goal is to reduce the outliers. 

Relative difference: The relative comparison between sheds was obtained by calculation of the ratio in percentage between the average value obtained for each shed in the same date


Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 5.10.36 pm.png
  • The room was prepared with normal sanitisation and awaiting stock arrival.

  • ATP’s were carried out and still sporadic high pathogen loads were registered.

  • Misting was carried out and further ATP results show significant reductions. A retest with ATP proved a sustained reduction in pathogen loads after 9 days.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 5.23.23 pm.png
  • The room was prepared with a power wash and no sanitisation.

  • ATP readings were taken pre misting application and extremely high levels were recorded.

  • Z-71 POULTRY was applied and retested once dry. – (approx. 45 min after) – 8 days

  • Reduction in pathogen load recorded an average of 96%.


Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 5.18.57 pm.png
  • Comparison was between rooms 1 & 2 in No 2 farrowing shed

  • Room 2 – power wash with standard sanitisation

  • Room 1 – power wash with no  sanitisation 

  • Room 1 – Retest after product applied THEN AFTER 15 DAYS

  • Results proved an overall reduction in pathogen load of 94% between both sheds.

Conclusion : This product applied in the correct manner reduces pathogen loads more effectively than standard sanitisation and for longer sustained periods of time as already proven.

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 Areas agreed requiring Zoono technology


  • Staff Clothing

  • Staff vehicles

  • Staff common areas – black mould 

  • Wash down water supply

  • Farrowing creates

  • Feeding troughs

  • Nurseries

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