US Pig farmer replaces normal sanitiser with Zoono Animal with the following results.

PEDv (Porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus) was irradiated from 13 large finishing sheds on a large pig farm in the State of IOWA. 

A trial with two sheds to compare pig weights was conducted, one shed treated with Zoono Animal and the other with standard sanitiser. After six weeks the Zoono treated shed had average weights heavier by 1 kg compared the control shed.

Mortality dropped from 4.6% to .87% on Zoono treated sheds, the non-treated sheds never reduced mortality.



Australian Pig farms

Activity in some pig barns in Australia have been completed and a well know sanitiser was compared with Zoono Animal. Parvovirus in the Microbe Shield treated barns had zero readings, but the virus was still present with the standard sanitiser treated barns. The floors of the barns were also tested and the standard sanitiser still had high virus levels and Zoono levels were Zero.

Microbe Shield has great efficacy against viruses and bacteria – APP (Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia) and E.coli also tested negative in Zoono treated barns.

In summary the CEO of this company said “In their anylasis all data has been fantastic with no negatives!!!!”